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1. What is an Obesity Medicine Certified physician?

• A physician who completes a specific rigorous certification process and passes a board examination is designated as a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. It distinguishes a physician as having achieved a higher level of understanding in obesity care by completing specialized education. There is currently only one obesity medicine certified physician for every 100,000 patients.

2. Why does our program use medical meals?

• Studies show that using medical meals lead to weight loss in a very safe and effective manner when done under physician supervision. Patients who use medical meals for weight loss have far greater success - much better than any other treatment modality.
• As you get close to reaching your goal weight, we will gradually transition you from meal replacements to healthy eating so you can keep the weight off.

3. Why not use over the counter meal replacements?

• Over-the-counter meal replacement products often lack the complete nutrition that is found in our medical meal replacements. Our products also have a high-quality complete proteins which keep you feeling full longer.
• Our medical meals cater to any diet - whether vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, or gluten-free.

4. What if I cannot afford medical meals?

• We at Physicians Premiere Weight & Wellness Center recognize that excess weight is at epidemic levels. It is the cause of numerous ailments. We believe that every patient should have access to all the available treatment options for weight loss. We have very cost-effective plans to fit any budget.

• Remember, physician and dietitian visits are submitted to your insurance company. Medical meals are often covered by HSA and FSA plans - please check with your plan.

5. Is rapid weight loss safe?

• Average of 3-5 pounds per week weight loss is considered rapid. When done under physician supervision, rapid weight loss is absolutely safe. There are many instances when rapid weight loss is needed. It can be an effective short-term jumpstart to your weight loss journey.

6. How does our program differ from others?

• Our program is led by an on-site physician who is a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
• We have individually customized plans to fit everyone’s needs and lifestyle. We don’t use the “one size fits all” approach.
• We use specific medical meal plans that can only be done under the care of a physician.
• Once you reach your weight loss goal, we will stay with you to help you maintain the weight that you worked so hard to lose.

7. How do I keep the weight off?

• We recognize that weight regain is a challenge that all weight loss patients face. Our medical team will work with you via dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications to make sure that you will keep the weight off!

8. Is it safe?

• Your safety is our number one priority. Our entire program is evidence-based - our recommendations and guidelines are based on scientific research. This ensures that your treatment is both safe and effective. We stay away from “gimmicks” and “fad diets” which have no medical evidence behind them.

9. Are services covered by insurance?

• Most insurance plans have coverage for monthly physician visits as well as dietary counseling. We will confirm your benefits with your insurance company.

10. Can I use HSA/FSA funds?

• Yes, most HSA and FSA cover our program, including medical meals through our office. Please confirm with your insurance company. We can provide you with a letter of medical necessity for medical meals if your insurance company requests.

11. How fast can I expect to lose weight?

• The speed and amount of weight loss are based on each patient’s needs. We offer three different lines of medical meals  which result in rapid, moderate, or gradual weight loss - all in a safe manner. For those patients who choose not to use medical meals, we offer our Standard Plan which combines a specific dietary plan with or without weight loss medication. Once you reach your goal, we will stay with you to keep the weight off.

12. Will I be hungry all the time?

• We want to make your weight loss journey as easy as possible. With the use of our medical meals, you may notice some hunger in the first few days. But, as your body adapts to the diet, you will find that hunger subsides. A large part of this is due to the excellent quality and amount of protein found in our medical meals.

13. Do we see children?

• Yes, Dr. Patel is board-certified to see both adult and pediatric patients for weight loss.

14. Are weight loss medications used?

• Dr. Patel can prescribe FDA approved weight loss medications if needed in addition to medical meals and dietary changes. These medications are evidence-based and have undergone numerous studies in safety and efficacy. Weight loss medications will be prescribed based on individual needs. We can check your insurance benefits to determine coverage for these medications.